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REY - Religious Education for Youth


  • STEP 1:  Print out each of your last 4 lessons.  Write down your answers to the questions.
    If you have any trouble understanding what is being asked, feel free to ask your parents.
    You can also call us at the Church to ask questions.  Bring your completed lesson sheets
    with you when you meet with Fr Doug or Fr John just before your First Communion Date.

  • STEP 2:  This is the easy step, watch the Video showing how to receive communion.
    when you're at Mass each week, pay close attention to how folks go up to receive.

  • STEP 3:  Have your parent click on the SignUpGenius link at the bottom of the page
    to schedule your first communion date and time.  When we receive notice that you've
    signed up, we will email back and set up a time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and
    to review your last four lessons.

STEP 1:  First Communion Last 4 Lessons

Chapter 5:  We Prepare

  • Celebrate  pp. 44-45 (PDF)

    Objective - To Explore the meaning of the ritual action of Honoring the Cross. 
                    To teach the meaning of sacrifice.

  • Remember  pp. 48-49 (PDF)

    Objective:  To explain why we present gifts at Mass.


Chapter 6:  We Remember and Give Thanks

  • Celebrate  pp. 54-55 (PDF)

    Objective:  To explore the meaning of the ritual action of kneeling
                         and the words of the Mystery of Faith.
                    To explain the meaning of the Eucharistic Prayer.

  • Remember  pp.58-59 (PDF)

    Objective:  To describe the consecration,
                      Mystery of Faith, and Great Amen.


Chapter 7: We Share a Meal

  • Celebrate  pp. 64-65 (PDF)

    Objective:  To explore the meaning of the ritual action of sharing a Meal. 
                    To explain that the Eucharist is the Church's special meal.

  • Remember  pp.68-69 (PDF)

    Objective:  To describe what happens at the Communion Rite.


Chapter 8: We Go Forth

  • Celebrate  pp. 74-75 (PDF)

    Objective:  To explore the meaning of the ritual action of Blessing for Mission.
                    To teach that we are sent forth form Mass to carry God's love to others.

  • Remember  pp.78-79 (PDF)

    Objective:  To explain why we are sent forth from Mass.

Order of Mass

Sacrament of Confession

STEP 2:  How to Receive Communion... THE VIDEO!!

STEP 3:  Sign up for a Mass

Go to the SignUpGenius website by clicking the link, below.
Once there, you can select a date and a Mass for your First Communion.

Sign Up!