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Pastoral Council

"Pastoral councils were first recommended in Vatican II’s “Decree on the Pastoral Office of Bishops.” They exist in three-fourths of the 18,000 Catholic parishes in the USA.....Catholic pastors consult pastoral councils in order to be better leaders. Bishops and priests ask their councillors to investigate some aspect of the church, reflect on it, and recommend their conclusions. In brief, the work of the pastoral council is pastoral planning." (from www.pastoralcouncils.com)

"The purpose of the parish pastoral council, as described in Canon 536, is the "fostering" of "pastoral activity" in the parish. Because the pastor is the proper shepherd of the parish, it follows that his pastoral council possesses a consultative vote only."

At OLV, PC members are invited to join the Council for a 3 year term which can be renewed for a second 3 years. The intention is to keep fresh perspectives coming into the council while maintaining a "historical memory".

The goal is to have 12 members serving Father Doug and the Parish in various capacities. Please speak to Father Doug or to any of the PC members if you are interested in serving!

Our current
OLV Pastoral Council

Pastor: Rev. Douglas McGonagle
Chairman: Tom Neill
Secretary: Tom Neill
Clubs & Events: Joan Marek
Communications: Jay Oelrich and Brianna Bachteler
Mission: Joan Marek

Music: George Zoltowski
Youth & REY: Bill Labrie & Carol Growhoski (via reports)
Social Justice: Cot Shelter
Evangelization & Adult Ed: Karen Droy
At Large: Peggy Graham

Council Minutes
& Reports

Please click on the date to see those reports presented at each meeting.
The files are large so please be patient while they load.
For problems, please contact Jay Oelrich at