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Enrolling Your Child at Our Lady's Child Care


  1. View our web site and then call the Center (413-527-6133) to schedule a tour and to check on availability.
  2. Once you decide that this is the right center for your child and family, you need to secure the spot.  A $25.00 non-refundable registration fee for each child will secure your child’s spot.
  3. You may either print off the registration forms listed below or pick up a registration packet at the center.  All forms are required for each child except the medication form (see item 5 below).

  4. All children that have not entered elementary school must have a physical and immunizations.  We must have these done yearly, preferably around the child’s birth date.  As children turn ages 1, 2, and 3 they must have a lead test.  The forms for physicals and immunizations are not on the website as Doctors print their own forms off the computers.
  5. The medication form is used for many different medications:
    1. Caregivers need to fill out a form giving us permission to apply the following items to your child: Sunscreen, hand lotion, Chap Stick, diaper cream (nonprescription).  You must provide the items and clearly label them with your child’s name on it.  It works best if you can write the name with a sharpie and then put tape over the name.  These items cannot be in a child’s back pack.  A teacher will put the items in a closet out of the reach of the children.  The care giver may sign the form.

    2. A medication form needs to be filled out when a child needs to be given an antibiotic or prescription medication.  The medication must come in with the prescription attached.  It must be clearly labeled with your child’s name on it, the dosage, and the time to give it.  The caregiver may sign the form.
    3. A medication form must be filled out and signed by the doctor when a nonprescription medication needs to be given to a child such as Tylenol, cough syrup, or eye drops.  We do not provide these items and can only be given to a child when a care giver provides them with a written consent from the doctor.

  6. Any child with a chronic health condition must have an individual health care plan from their doctor.  This plan must describe the condition, symptoms, the treatment, side effects, and consequences of missed treatment.  A medication form must also be filled out by the caregiver. Any medication must be given to the teacher so that it can be locked up and out of reach of the children.
  7. Please make sure the staff is aware of any allergies to food, latex, bees, or anything else.  We are a peanut/tree nut free environment.  Your child’s health and safety is very important to us.
  8. Once the forms are filled out and given to the Director your child may start at the center. Your child or the caregiver may need some transition time. We always accommodate a few visits to help everyone adjust to the center. Set these visits up with the Director.  We want your time here to be a wonderful experience for you and your child.